Your vacation

is simply incomplete without authentic Croatian food & drinks

Our mission is to provide you with a great sailing vacation! This is something we call a “Croatia Experience”. It is much more than our sail yachts. It includes all of the things you are here for; our beautiful coastline, islands, untouched nature, the inhabitants and their way of life.

An important part of this experience is local food & drinks where we are proud to partner up with a completely new provisioning service, Artisans of Food. Artisans of various authentic Croatian food & drinks to you, our guests. Their quest to “blend Croatia’s gastro and nautical world for your complete pleasure” is fully aligned with goals so this partnership comes with a high degree of shared values.

Bon Appétit!

Below you will find three readymade boxes created by Artisans of Food especially for Ban Tours Yachting clients. Upon ordering the boat you can simply enter the number of boxes you desire. Should your needs be more specific feel free to visit their website (link at the bottom of this page).


Breakfast box

Breakfast box content

  • Veronika liquid yogurt 1,0l (dairy farm from Croatian north - from farm to table)
  • 2x Euromilk dairy spread 70g (small dairy farm with 100% Croatian suppliers) x2
  • 2x Euromilk sour cream 12% fat 180g (small dairy farm with 100% Croatian suppliers)
  • 4x Euromilk Galos greek yogurt 150g (small dairy farm with 100% Croatian suppliers)
  • Veronika butter 250g (dairy farm from Croatian north - from farm to table)
  • OPG Jurkas yogurt with mixed berries 0,5l (100% natural yogurt with domestic berries)
  • 10X FREE Range eggs (Class L , 63 - 73 grams) x2
  • OPG Jurkas yogurt with pears 0,5l (100% natural yogurt with domestic pears)
  • Veronika Taborgradski Trapist cheese 250g (Softer half hard cheese, 3 months of ripening)
  • Gligora Kozlar goat cheese 225g (Half hard cheese aged 1-2 months with 100% goat milk)
  • Gligora Island of Pag cheese 225g (Hard cheese aged 6 months from 100% sheep milk)
  • Dukat milk 0,5l - 2.8% fat x4
  • Bobo juice 100% orange 1,0l x2
  • Dida Boža organic pomegranate juice 0,75l x2
  • 5X 50g SUPERFOODS oatmeal apple and cinnamon + chia seeds (Non GMO)
  • Encian cornflakes 500g (Lactose Free, Non GMO, Vegan)
  • Rye bread with 3 grains 500g
  • Whole grain bread under the bell 950g (Samočović bakery)
  • Nutrigold almond nuts 500g
  • Domestic smoked bacon 100g (sliced, vacumed) x3
  • Prosciutto 100g (Domestic “Pršut” made under the Velebit mountain winds, sliced, vacumed) x3
  • Dimcek smoked chicken breast 250g
  • Strawberry 250g
  • Blackberries 250g
  • Apples 1kg
  • Pears 1kg
  • Bananas 1kg
  • Mango one piece (Size of individual piece vaires, 220 - 325 grams aprox.) x2
  • Grapes 1kg
  • Cherry tomatoes 500g (flowpack container)
  • Cucumber 1kg
  • Tartufata spread 90g - truffle spread (Croatian product)
  • Dida Boža organic Fig spread 240g
  • Dida Boža natural plum spread 240g
  • Nescafe classic 200g
  • Brown sugar demerara 500g (gluten free, lactose free, non GMO, vegan)
  • Acacia Honey 400g
  • Marko Ribe - smoked salmon fillets 200g
  • Marko Ribe - smoked mackerel in paprika 200g

Beverage box

Beverage box content

  • Tomac Diplomat sparkling wine 0,75
  • Ivan Dolac Barrique 2010 0,75l
  • Meneghetti Merlot 2016 0,75l
  • Šember Chardonnay 2017 0,75l
  • 24X Garden Brewery - pilsner 0,33l can
  • Pelinkovac Antique 0,7l (Digestif - Herbal liquor)
  • Hendrick’s Gin 0,7l
  • 12X Erasmus Bond classic tonic 0,2l
  • 12X Agropošta mint 250ml natural cordial
  • 12X Agropošta raspberry 250ml natural cordial
  • 24X Coca Cola can 0,25l
  • 24X Römerquelle still water 0,5l

Main course box

Main course box content

  • Fresh veal fillet 1kg (Igomat butchery)
  • Fresh veal cutlet 1kg (Igomat butchery)
  • Meat The King 40/60 burger 1kg (5 burgers 200g each, unique combo; 40% dry aged, 60% fresh minced beef)
  • Endivia salad
  • Batavia leaf 250g
  • Marina green olives 720ml
  • Zuchinni 1kg
  • Tomatoes 1kg
  • Red Onions 1kg
  • Potatoes 1kg
  • Sweet potatoes / batat 1kg
  • Sweet green peppers 1kg
  • MICRO GREENS Rainbow mangel 30g - Beta sp.
  • MICRO GREENS Rucola 30g - Eruca sp.
  • Aurelia spaghetti blanco 500g (fresh pasta)
  • Aurelia green tagliatelle 500g - Nettle ink (fresh pasta)
  • Tortellini prosciutto 750g (Aurelia fresh pasta)
  • Dalmatian šalša 330ml (handpicked Tomato, onion, olive oil, sunflower oil, salt and spices)
  • Tomato pulp 330ml (handpicked Tomatoes and salt) x2
  • Ready to eat Tomato soup 700ml (Tomato, water, carrot, celery, parsley, onion, olive oil, sunflower oil, salt and spices)
  • Brown basmati rice 500g (organic product)
  • Packed, fresh, gutted bream 620g (MAP packaging, farmed in the Adriatic sea, non GMO, no artificial colours, no preservatives)
  • Packed, fresh, sea bass fillet 400g (MAP packaging, farmed in the Adriatic sea, non GMO, no artificial colours, no preservatives)
  • Domestic Croatian prawn meat 500g (cleaned prawn meat)
  • Cooked octopus 1kg
  • Bio apple cider vinegar 700ml (eco, gluten free, lactose free, non GMO, vegan)
  • Fini Aceto Balsamico Di Modena 250ml
  • Ol Istria extra virgin oilve oil 0,75l
  • Sea salt 92g - with grinder on top for even seasoning
  • Pepper grains 36g - with grinder on top for even seasoning
  • Sunflower Oil Zvijezda 1l
  • Gran Istriano 250g - Hard full-fat cutting cheese perfect for grating

Box contents can vary between different sizes (two, four or six people).

The final list can be located within the boat booking process.

Artisans of food

The story about Artisans of Food and the three of us is intervened with both personal and professional beliefs. The process of starting this business took us a while, a whole decade. Ever since college we exchanged thoughts and ideas on how to express ourselves through work and life in general. Each of us grew in their own direction but we continued to share certain life's values. We are all passionate about food as well as our beautiful country, Croatia. This passion can also be seen in our intention to spark positive change in the way things are done around us. Food and drinks represent a route through which we want to achieve this change. Our main goal is to deliver exceptional locally produced food and drinks to your vacation.

Artisans of food