Our team

Ban Tours is a reliable partner and flexible tour operator and travel agency situated in centre of Zagreb, Croatia´s capital, founded in 1994.

Following 22 years of continuous business and financial growth, the success of the company is not by chance, but rather the result of dedicated work by 43 highly educated employees.

Our team is fluent in multiple languages and will exceed your expectations since we combine excellent knowledge with a profound understanding of our client´s needs and preferneces.

We are presented in these types of tourism and we can propose you these kind of services:

  • FIT & group tailor made programs
  • Sport
  • Accommodation
  • Transfers and car rentals
  • Guidance and assistance
  • Excursions and shore excursions
  • Corporative services
  • Yachting

Ban Tours Yachting has 40 yachts in 2 marinas in Croatia; in Rogoznica (Marina Frapa) and Kaštela (Marina Kaštela).

Ban Tous Yachting started a charter business in 2008. with 10 brand new Dufour yachts and is growing every year since then. In the year 2010, 2012,2014,2015 2016 we were growing with the boats to the number of 40 yachts. Our plan is to extand the number of yachts in our fleet. Since 2012. we are an Exclusive Dufour Dealer for Croatia.

Ana Kolovrat - Charter Sales Manager

With a broad experience in yachting industry, Ana joined Ban Tours Yachting in 2010 as Booking Manager. Prior to joining Ban Tours, she spent several years serving the same position in Navigare Yachting Adria and afterwards, Sunseeker Charters. Ana graduated from Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb and holds a degree in French language and litterature. She lives in her hometown Zagreb with her husband and two daughters.

Klara Primorac - Sales specialist & customer service – marina Frapa

Klara, of Croatian ancestors, was born in Berlin, finished grammar school in her native town and tourism studies in Zagreb and is equally passionate about both homelands, Croatia and Germany. Besides German and Croatian, her mother tongues, Klara has mastered English and Spanish and is a keen traveller , who travelled all over the world. Klara's profound knowledge of Croatia as a tourist destination is great supplement to her knowledge of sailing product.

Nives Pirija - Sales specialist & customer service - marina Kaštela

Nives is the newest member to our sales team.
After spending several years abroad, mostly in Canada, Germany & Italy, Nina returned to her home town Split.
As a former flight attendant, she changed the skies for the sea and being fluent in German & English, she is accommodation all our guests coming to our base in marina Kaštela.
Responsibility and dedication at work resulted in Nina's both personal and professional growth. We are sure that knowledge and experience she gathered working in tourism industry for over 10 years, will be of great asset to all of us In Ban Tours.

Pave Jurić - Technical Fleet Manager

Pave has been working in yachting industry since 2004. As a professional electrician, he first started with yacht maintenance in Navigare Yachting Adria. His hard working habits, dedication to details and motivation led him to Base Manager position in Adriatic Sailing, a position which he obtained from 2010 to 2014.
Before moving to Ban Tours Yachting he was the head of Base in Croatia Yachting. Now, as Technical Fleet Manager, he joins our team where he will put all of his expertise and knowledge to keep the standard in yacht maintenance Ban Tours is renowned for.

Nikola Grkov - Base Manager - marina Kaštela

Nikola is a young, responsible and very hardworking person. He experienced all of the charms of the Adriatic sea while driving the yachts. In 5 years working in the charter industry he grew step by step, from basic to complex tasks. Working as a first assistant to the base manager made him discover his great capacity to lead and motivate groups of people.Nikola is a team player who enjoys learning new things in life and seeking new experiences.

Boris Marković - Base Manager - marina Frapa, Rogoznica

During finishing the Traffic Technical school in Split he knew that his further activities and vacation will be related to the sea. Because of this he enrolled on Faculty of Maritime studies, department of nautics. For that reason he didn't think twice when he got the opportunity to work for Ban Tours Yachting. 
He is a very friendly and cheerful person, with knowledge of English and German language. In his free time he does different sport activities. Sea, sun, sailing, working with people, the desire to gain new working experiences are just of few reasons why he does this job with great joy.

Lucija Kustić - Cleaning supervisor - marina Kaštela

Born in 1982 “Luce” as everybody likes to call her is a proud mother of 3 children. You can’t miss her smile and positive attitude that sweeps everybody she finds herself around. Drawn from her past experiences in charter business as a hostess she started working for Ban Tours since December 2015.
After Luce finishes with her cleaning inspection, the most common guest comment is "you can literally eat of the floor how clean the boat is!".

Damir Radić - Base staff - marina Frapa

Damir has always had love for the sea and it’s particularities, often sailing with family and friends who worked in charter business. After leaving his work at the shipyard back in 2013 he started to work in yacht charter business. He always points out that that he is lucky to have a woman with same interests and that they share their love for the sea. Being calm and fluent in English the guests will find him likeable and ready to explain anything about our sail yachts.

Frane Buotić - Base staff – marina Kaštela

Fresh out of high school Frane immediately started working for Ban Tours. With only 24 years old Frane has shown a great passion for the world of sea and sailing yachts. He always thought that this was the place where he could develop himself. In his free time he is passionate about football and you can find him playing the game with great joy.

Marijo Palada - Base staff - marina Frapa

From the early child ages he has been sailing with his family on their own boat and already than he knew boats were his big inspiration. 
When he has finished the Secondary school of Electrical Engineering, he got an opportunity to work in shipyard where he has worked for over 13 years. 
After that he took the opportunity to work for a charter which he found very exciting.He speaks english fluently. Week-ends he spends with his family and friends, playing football and other sports.

Špiro Milas - Base Staff - marina Frapa

Špiro Milas is the newest and the youngest member of our crew. His love towards the sea was passed on him by his father who took him on fishing trips from a young age. He is passionate about all things involving sea and he would like to learn more about the job he is after. His most profound traits are that he is communicative, open-minded, cheerful and very friendly.

Ana Šupić - Cleaning Supervisor - marina Frapa

Ana is a very communicative, joyful spirit and a proud mother of 3 children. In December 2016 she became a part of our team. Her great ambition, perfection and a sharp eye for tidiness guaranties you an impeccable stay on our yachts.
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