Marina Frapa

Marina Frapa wears a beauty crown among the Adriatic marinas, and it is certainly one of the most beautiful marinas in the Mediterranean. It is situated in the central part of the Croatian coast, between Šibenik and Split in the town of Rogoznica, the heart of Dalmatia. The marina, in the lovely bay of Soline, is sheltered from all directions.

The centre of the marina is an artificially built island with a number of facilities such as: a reception area, control tower, servicing facilities, a transit jetty 396 m long suitable also for mega yachts, hotel "Otok", an adjoining parking area, and the majority of catering facilities and other accompanying service-business facilities.

The on-shore marina complex includes 10 jetties with 450 fully equipped berths and a guarded area for 150 dry berths. The indispensable on-shore facilities include the hotel "Kopno", the outdoor swimming pools complex and a disco-night club, a luxury sports centre, the main conference hall, and the monitored parking area. The entire marina Frapa complex covers an area of more than 136 000 m2.

There is a 24-hour vessels surveillance service and video surveillance at the entrance into the marina.

The modern, elegant and refined ambient of the marina radiates tranquility and hospitality. A variety of possibilities and high quality service, professional and always friendly staff will make sure you have a pleasant stay, and that your requests are fulfi lled. Marina Frapa is open throughout the year, and your visit to our marina will be an unforgettable and delightful experience from which you will have a lasting memory.

We would like you to join us in saving the natural harmony that has long existed in this region. Marina Frapa has shown great concern for the protection of the environment and for eight years in a row it has been awarded the Blue Flag - today the most recognized model of environmental education, raising public awareness concerning issues on care for the sea and the coastal zone.



ROGOZNICA, the town and port in the bay bearing the same name; 25 km south of Šibenik. It’s most important economic activities include agriculture, fishery and tourism. The town is located on a peninsula (ancient small island of Kopara that was linked to the mainland with an artificial dam in the second half of the 19th century) dividing the bay, the Rogoznica port, into western and eastern parts. The Rogoznica bay north of the Ploča Cape is a good yacht shelter. It is located on a local road, branching off of the highway (M2, E65). It has been settled since the Ancient Times. The parish was built in 1615, and restructured in the 19th century. Above the town there are some remains of a fort the construction of which started in 1809 by the French. In the Rogoznica field there are medieval churches of St. Nicholas (with standing tomb-stones) and Blessed John of Trogir, made in the form of medieval Dalmatian architecture. An artificial island for the marina was built in the bay between 1993 and 1996.

On the Gradina peninsula there is a lake called Zmajevo oko and it is filled with seawater. The lake is shaped like an irregular ellipsis (150 x 70 m), it has 5,300 sq. m of surface area and is 15 meters deep. The salt lake of Zmajevo oko is considered to be a natural bioreactor where intensive biological and chemical processes occur. In the Soline bay, in the immediate vicinity of this geohydromorphological phenomenon, a port for nautical tourism is constructed. This is marina Frapa, a high-ranked marina with numerous facilities and 400 berths.

Rogoznica is visited by numerous navigators because, apart from being the most beautiful marina in the Adriatic, Frapa is also known to be the safest port in this part of the Adriatic. The beaches in Rogoznica are pebble beaches, some rocks interspersing. There are pine trees all over the town, and since the traditional occupation of the locals is fishery, you will certainly have plenty of fresh fish. Rogoznica is known for its festivities in August (the Night of Fishing and the Night of Rogoznica) when there is a special atmosphere in the streets which suddenly come alive, visited by the people form Split and Šibenik for the occasion. When it comes to sports, Rogoznica is suitable for all water sports due the well-indented coast, and there are also recreational courts on the shore. In the town’s vicinity, along various beaches, there are hidden bathing spots in numerous small bays.

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